Bose SoundLink III Review

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“Powerful sound & stylish design”

In the category of big Bluetooth speakers for your smartphone, the Bose SoundLink III is definitely one of the best nominees. Just like the Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 the SoundLink III is also a better version of a previous model.

First of all, Bose is a very popular producer on the audio and sound equipment market so we expect nothing less but stellar high-quality from their latest Bluetooth speaker. And they do rise up to the challenge delivering a compact product that can be easily paired with any device that supports a Bluetooth connection.

The SoundLink III is actually designed to appeal to casual listeners who don’t need to hear all the fine nuances in the tonality. The sound is generally warm but the speaker is less careful with differences between mid, low, and high notes.

Also, a bigger case means that the device packs a lot more technology, a bigger battery and a lot more new and cool features. So, let’s see what the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker hides under the hood.

Bose Official Video

Start the party anywhere with SoundLink® Bluetooth speaker III

Design & Special Features

The SoundLink III is even bigger than the Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 with 5 inches in height, 10 inches in width and 2 inches in depth while weighing 3 pounds. The design is quite simple and the device can be found in a combination of silver and black. The silver area covers the main panels, front and back, while the black area is designed to highlight the controls and the upper and bottom edges.

If you ask us, the design is not impressive. Actually, if you take a better look at the accessories, you’ll see that Bose thought so as well. That’s why they equipped the speaker with special covers that bring a bit of color to the design. Also, these are great to protect the speaker from scratches.

In terms of special features, this device is equipped with 4 drivers and 2 passive radiators for that extra level of clarity and bass performance. Even more, the SoundLink III is one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers produced by Bose. This means that you will be able to listen to good music wherever you want and you don’t have to keep the main device too close to the speaker. The range is about 30 feet around the speaker so you can keep the phone in your pocket at all times.

The front panel supports 4 indicators:

  • Power – to show when the speaker is on
  • Bluetooth – to show the connection is active
  • Mute
  • Battery – to see how much battery you have left

Other great features include:

  • The possibility to connect with other devices using the provided aux input. This way, the speaker is not just for modern devices which increases its versatility
  • USB port which also gives you the possibility to use the speaker as a portable charger for your mobile devices
  • You can get a 12V car charger for when you’re on the road on a camping trip

Sadly, the Bose SoundLink III has a major downside in comparison to its main competitors (the Harman Kardon Esquire Mini and the Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2): it doesn’t have a microphone. This means you won’t be able to use it as a Bluetooth handsfree for your phone.

Audio Performance

The sound is definitely one of the best advantages when it comes to this device. Bose managed to pack 4 drivers inside its case which means that the sound will be loud and the base will sound naturally. The SoundLink III offers an incredible audio experience for both beginners and music professionals, but you shouldn’t expect studio quality.

The speaker favors low-mids and high-mids making the sound feel warm and rounded. This means that some of the higher frequency sounds will get lost in the process but the general experience will be pleasant.

Battery Life

Here is where the increased size actually makes sense. The SoundLink III packs a powerful battery that will offer you up to 14 hours of continuous music. Impressive, right?

Final Thoughts

  • Great sound experience
  • Great battery life
  • The sound is pretty loud
  • The design is quite simple
  • No microphone

In the end, the Bose SoundLink seems like a great companion at parties or when you go on a car trip with your friends. It will perform great in both outdoor and indoor environments and the sound is powerful and well-balanced.

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