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“A regular dryer that communicates with your smartphone”

The GE GTD86ESSJWS is a completely electric dryer that features great cleaning performance using a stainless steel drum that is rust and abrasion resistant. Thanks to the well-designed drum, clothes will be protected during the drying process so even the finest fabrics can be added to this dryer.

The design is not spectacular as the producer decided to stick with the classic white color and the control panel is placed on top of the dryer, not on the superior part of the front side. The load is done using the front door, fact that leaves an unexplained space between the door and the control panel.

Regarding technical aspects, the GE GTD86ESSJWS is equipped with modern technologies that shorten the time spent in the laundry room and allows users to spend more time with the family. It will also help at saving on electrical bills as the appliance is Energy Star Certified.

One great feature that definitely places this appliance in our times is the WiFi connect possibility. The dryer can be accessed via smartphone and communicates information about progress, cycles, and receive alerts when the clothes were not removed. Users can also extend the tumble cycle.

So, if you want a dryer that doesn’t look fantastic, but can communicate via WiFi with your phone, then you’ll need to clean your pockets of about $900 to $1100, according to store.

Design & Physical Specifications

The design is quite classical with a white finishing, front loading and the control panel on top. Still, these are design elements that make this dryer stand out in the crowd of modern dryers that follow a specific pattern.

The control panel is smooth and nice to look at. The dial used for selecting the programs stands out due to its silver finishing that makes it shine. The right side is occupied by the display and other buttons for various options.

Performance & Features

Besides being one of the first dryers that communicates with your smartphone, the GE GTD86ESSJWS also implements a few amazing technologies that not only sanitize and clean your clothes, but also help rejuvenate them. Here are a few features that really caught our eye:

  • Steam Select – this feature tells the dryer how many pieces of clothing need to be steamed, so it can adjust and customize the steaming accordingly. The quantity is introduced by the user through the control panel.
  • Steam Dewrinkle – users won’t have to spend hours bent over the ironing table with this feature implemented in their dryer. This cycle completely removes wrinkles using steam power and even more, the clothes are refreshed like they’ve just been cleaned.
  • Dryer rack – a great feature for when you want to dry items that don’t do well during tumbling. This category includes sneakers, fine pillows or even stuffed animals.
  • Your own custom cycle – just like every high-end appliance, the GE GTD86ESSJWS allows the user to select and customize his/her own cycle. Once a custom cycle was created, it can be stored for later use in the dryer’s memory.
  • Speed dry – if you’re late for the airport but need that fancy blouse, the speed dry option will refresh it in a matter of minutes.
  • Clean Speak Communication System – if a user gets the matching washer, the dryer and the washer will be able to communicate with each other and preset the necessary program according to the washer’s load.
  • WiFi communication with the app installed on a smartphone – this allows the user to know when it’s time to get the laundry out without even visiting the laundry room.

The dryer has 14 cycles and 5 heat selections, amongst which we can enumerate the program for casual, heavy duty and delicate drying. All these are created so all your fabric types can receive the deserved attention and care.

Capacity & Engine

The GE GTD86ESSJWS has a capacity of 7.8 cubic feet and the engine is a Direct Drive Motor. This means that there are very few moving parts so the engine can resist for a long period of time.

Energy Efficiency

The GE GTD86ESSJWS is Energy Star Qualified and it respects the federal guidelines. According to the producer, this dryer is built to use resources only when they are necessary, fact that helps in saving money on electricity.

Final Thoughts

  • Great cleaning performance
  • WiFi communication with a smartphone app
  • Communication system with the matching washer
  • Great steam cleaning and rejuvenation
  • The design is bulky
  • It is expensive for a regular family

Even though the GE GTD86ESSJWS is a big appliance and doesn’t look very appealing, the features it implements could make a user overlook the aesthetics part. Still, it is an expensive appliance that will definitely be a big stretch for a regular family budget.

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Capacity & Engine
Energy Efficiency
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