LG DLEX8000V Review

“A dryer with large capacity and steam technology for cleaner, better-looking fabrics”

Dryers are an important appliance in our homes, and next to washers, they offer a complete cleaning experience. The LG DLEX8000V is a modern and versatile device, electrically powered, equipped with 4 vents and easy to install. It is easy to stack over the matching washer, or simply over another washer that corresponds with its physical dimensions. This feature allows users to save space. If the user needs the device to be taller, the dryer can be easily placed on a pedestal specially created for such a situation.

The beautiful design and shape of the front door, makes the user think about an expensive product, with many features and powerful options. Well, they wouldn’t be wrong at all as the dryer’s listing price is $1499.00.

Design & Physical Specifications

Promoting a futuristic design and a Graphite Steel finishing, this dryer will look amazing regardless of its location. It goes perfectly with the LG WM8000HV washer (they support the same color and size) and it shows everyone laying eyes on it that a dryer can be both beautiful and highly efficient.

The top panel is designed to be easily accessible and simple, being divided in three main areas: the tray, the Dial-A-Cycle selector that allows the user to easily select from a wide variety of programs, and an area that implements an Intelligent Electronic Control with Dual LED Display. The dryer implements both physical buttons and touch buttons (in the display area) for various settings and menus.

The overall aspect is modern and stylish, but the dryer is indeed quite big so users must consider all the aspects before purchasing it.

The first aspect to consider, besides budget and design, is the physical size of this device. The LG DLEX8000V is 29 inches wide, 40.8 inches high (without the pedestal), and 32.3 inches deep (without the door open).

Performance & Features

Due to the amazing features it packs, the dryer offers great cleaning and sanitizing performance and has the capacity to dry big loads in one single round. The features that allow this high-end dryer to behave so well are:

  • More room to dry – due to its large capacity, the LG DLEX8000V is perfect for big items like comforters and bedding, but also great for families with more than one child. It may be too big for a single couple or for families with one child.
  • TrueSteam Technology – a fantastic system that actually removes the need for ironing as all the clothes will be wrinkle free. The fabric inside will be treated with a gentle touch of steam, thus removing any bad odors or wrinkles.
  • SmartDiagnosis – a feature for when things don’t go so well. Using a simple call or an app installed on a user’s smartphone, the service center will be able to diagnose the problem easier without making the user go through the difficult task of explaining what’s wrong.
  • The SteamFresh Cycle – this cycle was created for those times when everybody has to be ready and dressed up in 20 minutes but you don’t have the necessary time. A SteamFresh Cycle lasts 20 minutes and makes the clothes in the dryer look freshly cleaned and ironed.
  • SpotClean Cycle – even though the dryer is supposed to dry the clothes and maybe deliver them wrinkle free, the LG DLEX8000V also has the capacity to remove small stains using steam power.
  • SteamSanitary Cycle – created to clean and sanitize those items that can’t be introduced in the dryer like decorative pillows or toys.

On the control panel, the dryer has 14 programs, 11 options, 5 temperature settings, 5 levels of drying, 6 manual dry times.

Capacity & Engine

The LG DLEX8000V is a dryer of large capacity, being able to accept up to 9.0 cubic feet of clothes in one round.

The engine can be powered by both gas and electricity, according to users’ option, and is pretty quiet due to the LoDecibel Quiet Operation implementation.

Energy Efficiency

The LG DLEX8000V has a very good energy usage and it will help users save on their electricity bill due to all its sensors that calculate the level of humidity and the necessary time of action.

Final Thoughts

  • Amazing cleaning performance
  • Wrinkle free clothes
  • Steam treatment for unwashable items
  • A lot of great features
  • Too large for a couple or a small family

This is a large dryer with great features that will definitely improve the state of your clothes and other laundry items. Still, the price makes it difficult to approach and the size makes it recommendable for large families with large space available.

8.9 Total Score

Capacity & Engine
Energy Efficiency
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