LG EasyRack Plus LDF7551ST Review

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“Environmentally friendly and amazing in the kitchen”

As technology evolves, the dishwashers learned to wash the dishes better, with less water and less power, in order to help the user cut the time spent with house chores and concentrate on spending time with the family.

The LG EasyRack Plus LDF7551ST is a lightweight device compared with the monsters that used to own our kitchen just a few years ago. Also, it is very attractive and won’t disrupt your kitchen’s harmony with and ugly design. Besides this, the dishwasher is highly energy efficient (10% lower than average for electricity usage) and it doesn’t need loads of detergent in order to do a good job. The arms and the sprayers are sturdy enough to offer a high-quality wash even when the machine is completely loaded.

To resume, the LG EasyRack Plus LDF7551ST is a great dishwasher, but the price can be a bit extravagant for a regular budget. Still, the $400 (in average, the price may differ from store to store) dishwasher will pay for itself by helping you save time and money on water and energy bills.


The LG EasyRack Plus LDF7551ST promotes a sleek design with a stainless steel or slate door. It can also be order as a fully-integrated device so it can be easily hidden behind a cabine-96t door. With such a versatile design, this device is very easy to integrate in any type of kitchen.

Features & Settings

The main feature that promotes the LG EasyRack Plus LDF7551ST as a great kitchen appliance is its versatility. The machine can be easily personalized as it has a capacity of 14 total place settings and is equipped with 2 standard racks that can be easily adjusted to create space according to your needs.

The device doesn’t have a drying module. The LG EasyRack Plus uses a special system that activates a fan to cool down the air inside the unit and dry the dishes. This method was preferred by the producer in order to make the device more energy efficient and many users actually appreciate it.

One feature that is very important for families with children, the device is equipped with a child lock system, so it can’t be opened while running.

Another aspect that could be considered an advantage is the fact that the LG LDF7551ST supports high temperatures and this leads to the destruction of bacteria and other deposits that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

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LG EasyRack Plus LDF7551ST

Ease of Use

The EasyRack design allows for complete personalization of the available space by simply moving the racks, the stemware racks and the silverware basket. This way almost any dish that is shorter than 14 inches will fit comfortably inside.

After the dishwasher is loaded and the detergent and other cleaning related substances are in place, all you have to do is select the washing mode and hit start. The device is pretty quiet and it can also be started with a delay of maximum 19 hours.


The cleaning performance if pretty good as there are seven wash cycles available and other additional options so the user can adjust the type of wash starting with normal and continuing with dual wash, power scrub, quick and dry, delicate and quick wash.

The most energy efficient of the seven available wash cycles is the Eco option, but this won’t manage to clean dishes that are very dirty correctly. This model of dishwasher is not equipped with high water spraying jets and this could be a disadvantage given the fact that these are amazing at cleaning the dirt that is more stubborn.

Energy Efficiency

This is actually the main selling point that LG uses to impress possible clients. The device is built specifically to help users to cut down on power and water bills and have a smaller carbon print over the environment.

The electrical energy use is 10% lower than the average on this type of devices and the water consumption is 27% lower than average.

Final Thoughts

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to redistribute the space inside
  • Versatile design that makes it easy to include in the kitchen
  • Seven washing modules
  • Innovative washing arm design
  • It doesn’t include high pressure spraying jets
  • It is pretty expensive
  • The EasyRack design can be frustrating

The LG EasyRack Plus LDF7551ST is a great appliance to have in the kitchen as it is very easy to integrate it with other appliances or hide it behind the doors of a closet. It is also very energy efficient and offers space and versatility in using the existing space.

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