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“A great dishwasher that brings innovation in the kitchen”

The Samsung DW80H9970US can be easily placed in the high-end appliances category and users can see this by simply taking a peak at the price tag. At about $1,600 this dishwasher is definitely not for every family. This price tag is not just because the appliance looks very neat and stylish, but also because it is equipped with the latest technologies in dish washing.

The unique and very new method that Samsung boast about with this amazing appliance is called WaterWall. This means that the DW80H9970US is not like other dishwashers who rely on a spinning arm to spray water at high speed towards dishes and hope the dirt will be removed (the Electrolux EI24ID50QS or the LG EasyRack Plus LDF7551ST). The Samsung DW80H9970US uses a motorized sprayer that forms a wall of sprayer jets that completely flood the inside of the machine, making sure each dish is soaked and cleaned correctly.


The stainless steel look screams high quality and amazing built structure and there is no chef in the world who wouldn’t like a stylish appliance like this in the kitchen. The minimalistic design makes it easy to integrate in any kitchen scenario.

The communication is realized via a touch panel situated on top. The display is so completely integrated with the stainless steel design that when it’s not on, you can’t actually tell there’s something there. Samsung calls this masterpiece a Star Display. The touch controls are responsive so users don’t have to hit the same key twice for something to happen. Also, due to their sleek design, they are quite resistant to smudges, which is a fantastic thing in the kitchen.

On the inside, you will find the already mentioned moving wall that consists of 6 high intensity nozzles that move slowly from front to back. Other great features that improve both the design and usability are the Flextray – a rubber pad that allows users to remove all the washed silverware to its place at once.

Features & Settings

Just as expected, this high-end dishwasher comes with a series of great features that make users’ lives easier when it comes to kitchen chores. Thus, the most appreciated features are:

  • Five washing cycles that allow the user to select a program according to the level of dirt on the dishes. Thus, a user can choose between Auto, Normal, Heavy, Delicate, and Express 60. The Auto cycle is pretty smart as it does an assessment of how dirty the dishes inside are and chooses the correct module automatically.
  • Keeping track of what’s happening inside – some dishwashers don’t allow the user to see how much time is left or the stage the appliance is at. The Samsung DW80H9970US understands the need of keeping track of the time left or the stage and offers information using the Star Display mentioned earlier.
  • Zone Booster – if you loaded more dirty dishes on the left side, you have the possibility to intensify the jet’s pressure level on the left (or on the right if that’s the case).
  • It is very quite – the dishwasher is almost silent even during the heaviest cycle.

Ease of use

We would expect that such a smart appliance would be very easy to use, and we would be right. The settings a clear and easy to understand, the buttons responsive and the inside is very easy to organize. The device is equipped with fold-down cup shelves, the upper rack can be moved on the vertical for adjustable heights, there are adjustable tines and the machine has a capacity of 11 place settings and one serving setting.


The washing performance is great as, even on the fast cycle the dishes came out almost perfectly clean. There are still some issues with burnt food or food that sticks to the plates extremely well, but in general, the DW80H9970US from Samsung does a pretty great job.

Energy efficiency

The estimate energy and water consumption places this appliance around the average levels when it comes to energy efficiency.

Final thoughts

  • Very quite
  • Innovation and reliability
  • Amazing design
  • Lots of place inside
  • It doesn’t have a lock on the door
  • The cleaning performance is not perfect

The Samsung DW80H9970US is indeed a high-end dishwasher that comes with an amazing innovation in the area: the WaterWall. It also offers a wide variety of washing modules and lots of inside space for a more energy efficient dish washing process.

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Ease of use
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