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“The mobile oriented headphones that deliver true high-end sound”

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that are elegantly designed then you should add the Audeze to your list. These headphones are one of the few planar magnetic models out there which are optimized for mobile use. If you’re not familiar with the ‘planar magnetic’ drivers term, you should know that all headphones that implement this feature deliver a great frequency response with low distortion and spacious sound. So, the Audeze Sine headphones can provide you with a fantastic audio experience, even while you are using a mobile device. The sound is so good that you will start noticing the smallest audio details.

According to users, as well as our own experience, these headphones will allow you to re-discover your most favorite songs.

Design and Comfort

The thing everyone first notices is the beautiful leather design. Both the headband and the closed back ear cups are covered with leather which increases the level of comfort and adds a unique, luxurious aspect. When it comes to design, the Audeze Sine are very similar to the Sennheiser’s HD 598, except the open back of the latter ones.

In terms of comfort, we believe that Audeze could do a better job. The headphones are comfortable, but if you are wearing them for long hours, you will start feeling their weight (230g) after a few hours. The padded headband and thick ear cushions are great at keeping most of that weight out of your head.

These should be an on-ear model but if you have small ears, you can also make them over-the-ear. In addition, they tend to clamp pretty hard at first so if you have a big head, you should stretch them a bit.

Build Quality and Cable

The build quality is outstanding as the skeleton is designed with sturdy metal parts. This gives the headphones a healthy weight and a great feel when you hold them for the first time. If you are looking for a more popular model that offers the same build quality, you should take a look at V-Moda Crossfade M-100. 

The analog cable (3.5mm jack) can be removed for easier storage and for technical reasons (swapping it with an Apple-approved cable for iPhone 7 users). The cable is flat (not round) for two main reasons: to make it tangle resistant and to protect it against long use wear and tear. You should know that the cable, specially designed for iPhone 7 is equipped with an inline remote and a microphone for calls, but the default cable that comes with the headphones isn’t. Honestly, this is not fair for users who don’t use Apple products.


The sound is revealing and spacious in spite of the closed back design. The sound is natural but you have to make sure you’re listening to a well-recorded track. If the track is not recorded well or it has certain flaws, these headphones will definitely reveal it. After a short test, it made us think that they work better with certain types of music, like rock ballads, jazz, bands, R&B, or classical music.

The bass is clean and impactful but, as you can imagine, the Audeze Sine were not created for bass heads. The equalizer helps with a bit of extra body, but you won’t get to the lowest notes. The midrange notes are crystal clear and the depth is nice, giving new meanings to all of your favorite songs.


The most important accessories that come with the Audeze Sine are the removable, tangle-free cable and the storage pouch. Additionally, without a doubt, we will add to the list the Apple-approved cable. But this one is delivered only if you agree to pay an extra $50.

The storage pouch is a good idea, especially because it can be folded up. However, we would have liked it better with a harder case, because of the fact that this cloth pouch will not provide a 100% protection to your headphones if you accidently drop them.

Final Thoughts

  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • Great sound experience
  • Sturdy build and luxurious design
  • Good value-for-money
  • Do not deliver super comfort
  • Regular cable doesn’t have an inline remote
  • Cloth pouch

In total, we think that these elegant Audeze’s headphones are a great purchase. After all, there are not that many producers to implement planar magnetic drivers for mobile-oriented headphones. Additionally, these headphones deliver a genuinely high-end sound, which makes the mobile audio experience worth every penny.


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Design & Comfort
Build Quality
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