Snapchat brings search to ‘Stories’

Snapchat has recently announced the possibility of searching through stories beyond just friends. This new search option will enable users to discover basketball game clips, see what’s going on at their favorite bar, view fashion shows, and more.

The popular feature of ‘Stories” was first introduced on Snapchat in October 2013, and since then it has changed a little. At the very beginning, the Stories were more personal, whereas now it got a collective perspective.

The snap Stories have been available for a long time where it was often packaged into the user’s Stories, but now, with this new search option users will be able to discover over 1 million Stories, which is way more than what they used to do before.

So from now on, users can simply type “puppy” in their Snapchat’s  search box, and stories including puppies will appear on their screen.

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