The Apollo Box is applying augmented reality to push ahead the online shopping experience

Is Augmented Reality the next step into the future? And where exactly it is applicable? A Santa Clara-based startup developed the Apollo Box, a device that provides products visualization to motivate online shopping. A year ago they launched an online marketplace for a selected range of lifestyle products and now, they are adding a new AR feature called Teleport.

At this point, their marketplace consists of more than 500,000 active customers and the inventory includes almost 1,200 products from different circa vendors.  It consists of various products such as jewelry, apparel, ornaments, toys, gadgets and more.

Co-founder Will Li said that since the beginning of the marketplace more than 1,105 items were sold (involving the AR feature). For now, only 65 products are available in the inventory for viewing in AR, which is not more than 5% of the total inventory.

In order to for the online AR viewing experience to be available, the vendors need to send the images of their products for the company to turn them into 3D files. In addition, sometimes they add little animations so that buyers are able to fully interact with the virtual products.

By using the new Teleport feature, the online shopper can observe and place a 3D model of a product on the surface of their home. For example, if you are looking to buy a desk or a table, you can virtually place that product in the room and see how it fits. But for now, this feature only works on an iPhone 5s or above as well as an Android 5.0 version and above.

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