Apple is developing its own graphic chips for future iPhones

The iPhone producer, Apple is going to develop its own “Graphics Chips” for Future iPhones.

Apple has notified that they are working on their own graphic design, aiming to control its products and reduce their reliance on the British chip designer company that provides PowerVR graphics processors for use in the iPhone and iPad.

These are bad news for the British company called Imagination, that relies on Apple for approximately half of its revenues, and will stop receiving royalties on iPhone and iPad devices within about two years from now.

Imagination is not sure whether Apple will be able to develop its own processors without violating patents tied to its GPU technology. They claim that it would be very challenging for Apple to design a brand new GPU from the very basics. Also, they say Apple did not agree to provide proof it can create the graphics processors without using its patents.

This issue seems to be lasting until Apple will have their new design ready. Once Apple will have their developments done, we will be able to see whether this issue is problematic or not. But for now, things are still open, as the two companies are discussing the matter and may even come to an agreement before we get to that stage.

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