Coming Soon – A ‘special-magic’ DNA computer that grows itself

Scientists have designed a ‘magic’ PC made of DNA atoms that grows as it computes and can surpass every standard framework in tackling particular issues.

Researchers from the University of Manchester found that it is possible to physically create a universal turing machine (UTM) by using DNA molecules. In other words, they show a feasibility of engineering a computer that can be programmed to compute anything that any other device can process.

According to the researcher Ross King, this ‘magical’ property is possible due to the fact that the computer’s processors are made of DNA rather than silicon chips. The fact that the DNA molecules are very small, makes it possible for the computer to utilize more processors than all the electronic computer in the world combined.

Ross provided a good example to explain it. Think about searching a maze by choosing a point – either the left path or the right path. Same happens with electronic computers, that need to chose which path to follow first. But the interesting thing here is that this new ‘magic’ computer doesn’t need to choose. It can replicate itself and follow both paths simultaneously, and thus, find the answer faster.

Although the theory of exponential boose in speed over electronic and quantum computers have been understood for many years, the idea of creating a UTM using DNA molecules is a breakthrough by all means.

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