The ‘paper try-on’ service invented by Quattrocento may reduce the cost of online eyewear business

For the last few years, the face of online eyewear business has changed drastically. Now, they are offering a selection of frames chosen by the customer to send home for tryouts before buying them. This model was made popular in the United States by Warby Parker and in Europe by GlassesDirect.

Although sending the exact same frame you are going to buy has mainly eliminated the conversion problem created by selling eyewear online, which can get very expensive.

The main problem is the cost of delivery which also includes the return of the frames, but the process also requires a lot of extra stocks to be held. The Italian eyewear startup Quattrocento was facing this issue.

So to solve this problem the founders of the startup came up with a fantastic alternative, called the paper try-on.

They offered customers the ability to have 5 pairs of replica frames, which are made of cardboards. These frames will be sent to your home or office. They are designed to provide you the experience of the frame. You will be able to determine how the frames will fit, or how they look before buying the actual product, although the experience will be limited.

There is also a downside of this idea, the paper frame may not convert as well as the real one, as per the startup’s early testing results the conversion rate is at 12 percent, and if you compare it with the industry figures it will be around 37 percent for the real frames. It is a big difference.

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