Triptease is about to revolutionize the hotel business


Triptease, a London-based startup is offering their help to increase the sales numbers so that the hotel management can keep more capital. The startup has already closed a $9 million deal.

The company was established in 2012. Back then hotels were leaning towards Online Travel Agencies and hotel booking aggregators instead of direct selling, so the goal of Triptease was to show the hotels that they can do a much better job by direct sales.

If the hotels go for booking aggregators such as and Expedia, the percentage of their revenue will be short as these so-called websites will claim some of it. The product of Triptease is known as Price Check. It is a widget that is connected to the hotel websites and only displays the prices in real time.

The main idea is to terminate the uncertainty that surrounds a hotel’s price. It ensures that you will not go anywhere else but book the hotel directly and with confidence.

The real-time price alerts if an aggregator cuts their own prices to maintain consistency and enhance the experience of direct online visitors by providing the required information at the perfect time.

In a recent statement, Triptease has said that they will use their new capital for product development and will also ensure the growth of the company internationally, although for now, they are focusing on Asia. The company is looking forward to establishing a new office in Singapore, along with existing offices in London and in New York.

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