LG G Watch R (W110) Review

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“Intelligence & style in one gorgeous design”

LG managed to combine the amazing beauty and style of a classic watch with the new technology of a SmartWatch, thus creating the gorgeous and elegant LG G Watch R (W110). The first thing that makes it stand out from the crowd (yes, we do have a crowd of wearables already!) of smart devices that can be worn is the minimalist design and round screen.

Promoting interesting features under the mask of a regular, priceless timepiece, the new wearable from LG is fit for any occasion, in any circumstances. It performs the role of keeping users connected with their phones at all times extremely well and offers an easy to use interface that recognizes gestures like scroll up and down, swipe, and tap.

The price is quite steep for such a small device that only offers connectivity with your phone, but if you really want to have the newest technology at your wrist, this is the watch to wear. For just around $470 you’ll get an amazing piece of technology that looks like a real watch but offers complete connectivity and interactivity with your Android phone.


This device offers the idea of a real watch when owners aren’t using it for browsing or interacting with various apps. This is actually the main charm this watch has to offer: the simplicity and style of a real watch that doesn’t call too much attention. The watch markings around the bezel area and the button used as a selector for display brightness that looks like a classical adjustment button manage to fool a lot of people into thinking this is a classical watch.

You even have the possibility to customize it after your own taste by adding an interesting strap and changing the watch face design to represent your personality. This way, you’ll have a fresh design around the wrist whenever you want!


The device promotes a fully circular P-OLED display, of 1.3 inches, that packs a 360×360 pixel resolution, making images and text look incredibly sharp and crisp. Colors look natural on the display and black tones look deep without upsetting the eye. The viewing angle is great as the device allows you to easily read or type while walking. Another amazing feature offered by the display is a great image in daylight.

Unlike other models that tried to mimic a regular watch, the LG G Watch R actually has a display that is a full circle.


The watch is powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 processor running at 1.2GHz and offers a memory of 4GB eMMC which is the equivalent of 512MB of RAM. Also, you have access to 4GB of internal space for files and images. This combination of processor and memory offers the LG G Watch R all the necessary power to run apps fast and efficient and not suffer from any lag or freezing.

The 410mAh battery is enough to support all your activities for at least 2 days of constant use.


The device is designed to be water and dust resistant so it goes great for both office and sportive activities or outdoor fun. The watch has IP67 waterproof rating, meaning that it can be safely submerged in 1m deep water for about 30 minutes.

The original leather strap offers an incredible level of comfort while wearing it and, due to a fantastic design and engineering, you know it won’t break down easily. The strap is completely secured around your wrist and regardless of your activity the device will continue working perfectly.

Features & Connectivity

The device must be connected to your Android phone in order to receive and display notifications and perform most of the activities. Still, it can run by itself if you don’t feel like taking the phone with you. The connection is done via Bluetooth 4.0 and the watch runs the already classical Android Wear.

One of the most important features it supports is the heart rate monitor that actually works correctly. This feature can be used in many sportive and around the house activities, allowing you to stay in touch with your body at all times.

One new and amazing feature is the fact that you can actually store and play music from your watch so it’s like having a small MP3 player on your wrist. Other features are somehow classical as they mostly offer connectivity with the phone.

Final thoughts

  • Gorgeous design
  • Great display with amazing colors
  • Good battery life
  • Heart rate monitor (an improvement for LG wearables)
  • The overall design is a bit too traditional
  • The display should be always “on” in order to display time in a classical manner

The LG G Watch R is definitely an improvement through design and features, perfectly combining the idea of a traditional watch and the new technologies embedded in a SmartWatch. It is also an improvement in comparison with previous LG models by offering users a superior level of comfort and better interactivity with their main mobile device. This device will definitely conquer you through elegance and finesse and the customization possibilities it offers!

8.5 Total Score

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