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“Classic & contemporary united in the same gadget”

Easy to customize due to interchangeable straps and numerous watch faces, the LG Watch Urbane is a technological marvel that makes you think about the beauty of well-designed classic watches and the power of new age technology.

The LG Watch Urbane is actually the improved design version of the LG G Watch R; technologically speaking, there are some improvements compared with the G Watch R, but nothing very noticeable. So, you might actually say that the new version is actually the old version dressed in nicer clothes.

The full circle screen and leather strap makes the gadget look similar to a classy, expensive watch fact that will definitely attract attention. In comparison with one of its main competitors, the Moto 360, the device has all the perfect dimensions to pass as a regular watch. The established price for this really nice gadget is around $350 but there are stores that can get you a better deal.


The design on this gadget is quite fancy as it offers a compact, fully circular screen and impresses through fantastic strap choices. The fact that it is smaller than its predecessor, makes it easier to wear and more comfortable. Due to its sleek look, the watch can be worn during business meetings, at the office or on diplomatic missions without giving the impression of a mini-computer attached to your wrist.

Even though it doesn’t look like a sports watch at all, integrated features recommend it as a good friend during physical activity as well. The strap is definitely a big help in making sure the watch stays on at all times.


Promoting a full circle P-OLED display of 1.3 inches, and a 320×320 pixels resolution, the LG Watch Urbane offers high-quality images that look clear and sharp. If we consider the steel casing, the physical dimensions of the watch are 45.5 x 52.2 x 10.9mm. This makes it a bit bulky for small hands, but a great fit when worn by men.


Powered by a Quad-Core processor that has the capacity to run at a speed of 1.2GHz, the LG Watch Urbane is a fast and powerful device. The 512MB or RAM memory and 4GB of extra storage space complete the equation and offer users a device that is worth of their attention.

The 410 mAh battery is powerful enough to keep the watch running for at least two days of continuous use.


The watch scored an IP67 rating on water and dust resistance, meaning that it can be submerged for about 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. This feature makes the watch resistant to being worn during physical activities and shower but it is not recommended to go swimming with it.

Features & Connectivity

The classic Bluetooth connectivity allows users to pair the LG Watch Urbane with Android devices (4.3 and up) or with iOS devices that run 8.2 version and above. Remember that by pairing it with an iOS operated device you will lose some of the functionalities available on Android devices.

One element of innovation that makes the LG Watch Urbane more technologically advanced than its sibling, the G Watch R, is the fact that it can use WiFi to access the Internet or initiate a remote connection to your phone when you’re not in the Bluetooth range. Remember that the phone also has to be connected to the Internet so the watch can use it.

When it comes to features, the watch implements some pretty neat functionalities like Voice activation that allows you to send messages or do Google searches only by speaking to your watch. You can also use the watch for navigation, making phone calls, getting notifications and receiving emails.

The LG Watch Urban comes with Android Wear 5.1.1 installed and allows users to install a plethora of apps for fitness and leisure. The only problem in this area is the fact that there are only a few apps designed for fully circular screens. We’re hoping that the situation will change pretty soon.

Final thoughts

  • Beautiful design
  • WiFi integration
  • Fit for both fitness and the office
  • New Android Wear features
  • No GPS included
  • Expensive for a remake of the LG G Watch R

The LG Watch Urbane promotes a beautiful and elegant design that brings together the classic look of a watch and the innovations of today’s technology. It is indeed a big watch that looks better when worn by a man, and it packs a series of interesting features like fitness activity tracking and WiFi integration.

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