Oukitel A28 SmartWatch Review

“An affordable gadget with basic features & simple design”

The Oukitel A28 is the creation of a Chinese company and it is the first SmartWatch in their portfolio. Following their characteristic style, the Chinese created a simple gadget that tries to copy big brands like the Apple Watch or the Samsung Gear S2 and is affordable for most of the people even if they are on a tight budget. Given the fact that most smartwatches start from $250, the $60 price for Oukitel A28 is definitely attractive.

The design is simple and tries to respect the traditional smartwatch rectangular shape, supported by a genuine leather strap that comes in a few variations of color. Sadly, the Chinese didn’t manage to fit everything together in a small, cute watch and the end result is a bulky design that will look big and out of place even on a man’s wrist. If you can go pass the rather cheap aspect, you will discover a few interesting functionalities like a heart rate monitor and apps that could help keep up track of your fitness activity.

The first impression it makes is a cross breeding between the Asus Zen Watch and the Apple Watch, even though it can’t compare to either of them when it comes to the technology it packs.


When placed on the wrist, the Oukitel A28 looks good even though it is bigger than most brand smartwatches on the market. The big bezel and the stainless steel casing are well blended together and manage to attract the eye using a few interesting watch faces (not too many are available).

The lateral button (the power button actually) makes users think about an oversized watch and the leather strap offers a comfortable fit on the wrist. Even though the producers say it is genuine leather, users mention that it still feels cheap and it doesn’t have any obvious pins that will help change it easily.


The device sports a 1.54 inches display with 240×240 pixels resolution managing to offer clear and sharp images for both normal lighting conditions and under direct sunlight. The black levels look great and deep and the colors are not washed out, creating a good user experience.


The Oukitel A28 is fueled by a MediaTek MT2502A processor and offers 128MB of RAM which is fairly little in comparison with big names that offer at least 215MB of RAM. Also, the extra storage space is limited to 32MB fact that creates a huge gap between this device’s performance and other watches like the Apple Watch or the Asus Zen Watch.

The included Li-Polymer battery runs on 250 mAh and manages to keep the gadget powered for about 100 hours on standby. Battery charging is easy and it is realized fast but you will be running for the charger if you run apps constantly and listen to music.


The Oukitel A28 scored an IP53 rating (lower than most brand names) on water and dust resistance. This means that the gadget will withhold nicely to outdoor conditions but it is not recommended to wear it in the shower.

Features & Connectivity

The OS used by Oukitel A28 is proprietary and allows the watch to connect to both iOS and Android operated devices. The Bluetooth connection with the phone is realized via an app that can be downloaded from the app store (regardless of brand) but it is sadly very difficult to make it work. Once established, the connection will keep going for as long as the user remains at a radius of 10 meters around the phone. Also, establishing the connection is a huge battery drainer so you might want to keep this distance.

As features, the Oukitel A28 promotes a heart rate monitor, a pedometer and a sleep monitor that will help users keep track of their level of activity and health state.  The watch also promotes a series of predefined themes that help users achieve a certain level of customization, and various apps for fitness and leisure activities.

Final Thoughts

  • Affordable
  • Long battery life on standby or low usage
  • Simple design that resembles brand smartwatches
  • Easy charging
  • Heart rate monitor included
  • Bulky design
  • Difficult to connect to a smartphone
  • Low technical specifications

With a bulky design, the Oukitel A28 is a budget smartwatch that overcomes all the brand devices when it comes to price. Sadly, this also means the device will have lower technical capabilities and the design won’t be as professional and interesting. If you’re simply looking for the basic smartwatch experience, this is the device for you!

6.5 Total Score

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