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“An interesting gadget with ups and downs”

The second edition of Pebble Time, the Steel version, was designed to impress promoting an elegant and simple design, with premium materials and great attention to details. The Pebble Time Steel was thought to be an absolute thrill for the eye by the producers but, in reality, it doesn’t make such a powerful impression. The design actually makes it look like a regular SmartWatch and nothing more.

The all metal casing comes in three versions: silver, black and gold and the leather strap is a huge improvement in comparison with the last version. This device can’t be compared with a luxurious jewelry, like the Apple Watch, but the simple and discreet design do make it fit for business meetings and office spaces.

All-in-all the watch is comfortable to wear, it has a simple design that makes it quite easy to interact with, and it costs around $250. It is indeed cheaper than the Apple Watch but it matches the costs of many other similar Android operated devices that pack a little bit more technology fact that makes the Pebble Time Steel a bit too expensive.


The Pebble Time Steel is supposed to be the better looking version of the Pebble Time and, so far, it managed that. With a metal casing and a smaller bezel around the screen, the Time Steel screen looks bigger (it’s not actually). The steel or leather strap also offers an improved feeling in comparison with the earlier version.

The overall design makes it look more like a watch than an advanced computer that communicates with your phone, fact that is appreciated by many users. One other thing that makes the Pebble Time Steel feel like a regular watch is the fact that there is no touch screen available. The only controls you get are the lateral buttons that will help you scroll, select and configure the installed apps.


The Pebble Time Steel offers a small display, but the steel casing makes it look a bit bigger than it actually is. The actual dimensions (with the case) are: 40.5mm x 37.5mm x 10.5mm, fact that makes it about the same size as the Apple Watch. To save battery life and manage to keep it on all the time, Pebble implemented a color e-paper display that can’t be compared in level of brightness with the OLED displays used by competitors. Still, the e-paper has some noticeable advantages like improved performance under direct sunlight and less resource consumption.


As far as battery life goes, the Pebble Time Steel is probably the most resistant smart watch on the market. Due to the e-paper display and a thicker battery, the Time Steel can run, on one charge, up to 10 days! This is a feature that makes it shine in front of its competitors that barely make it to two full days.


This is another aspect that makes Pebble Time Steel shine as it can be easily submerged in up to 30 meters of water. Also, the 2.5D glass display makes it tough to scratch and/or break.  Both leather and stainless steel band versions are created to fit easily on the wrist and maintain the watch safe due to increased durability to wear and tear.

Features & Connectivity

The device can be easily paired via Bluetooth with iPhone 4S and above (actually almost anything that runs iOS 8 and up) and/or Android devices on Jelly Bean and above. As already mentioned, the navigation and interaction with the watch is done via the lateral buttons as the device doesn’t offer a touch screen.

When it comes to features and things you can do with the watch the possibilities are a bit narrow. You will be able to receive messages and use fitness apps but, because it doesn’t have a built-in GPS, a heart rate monitor or any of the features competitors support, the end result is basic. Another disadvantage is the fact that you can’t make phone calls with the watch.

Final thoughts

  • It looks and feels like a normal watch
  • 10 days battery life
  • e-paper screen that performs well in direct sunlight
  • the display is always on
  • Great resistance to water and dust
  • No touch screen
  • Low-tech functionalities
  • No GPS or heart rate monitor included

The Pebble Time Steel offers a simple and elegant design that manages to look and feel just like a regular watch. It is a certain improvement compared with the first version, but it doesn’t seem to justify the price as it offers low-tech features and an ordinary feel.

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