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“A modern TV box with voice controls and a powerful store for entertainment”

The Apple TV Box is a very popular item. For those of you who are still considering getting one, here is a short review with the relevant detail of the latest version.

The Apple TV Box is compact, it has a sleek design, and it supports interesting features. So what is the difference between the new version and the old versions? Well, they added two important features that raise interest in every Apple fan.

Firstly, the voice search feature supported by Siri which is extremely accurate and very easy to use. Second is the remote control, which is the best remote control available in the market today. Rather than that, the video experience is sharp and clean and it allows you to pair the TV Box with modern TV screens that support huge resolutions (no 4K though).

Another feature that makes the 4th generation Apple TV great is represented by the app store. If previous models didn’t offer much, now you have an access to a wide range of apps, starting from Netflix or Hulu and ending with games and exercise apps. You can even use apps you downloaded on your iPad or iPhone for free.

What’s in the package?

Apple likes to keep their products simple, so the package contains the following:

  • The TV Box (32 or 64GB storage, according to your choice)
  • The Siri remote
  • 1 x Lightning-to-USB cable (for syncing the data or for charging the remote)
  • 1 x power cord

You also need an HDMI cable in order to connect the TV to your television, an active Broadband Internet connection, and an iTunes Store account. You also get 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support in case something goes wrong.

Design and Functionality

The design hasn’t changed much and Apple implements the same rectangular shape with round corners and glossy finishes you can also see in products like Tronsmart MXIII Plus or Maxone CX-X8 A80. Still, this is a smart choice given the fact that you’ll probably hide it under your TV.

The main novelty with Apple TV Box is the Siri remote. It’s bigger than previous versions and it features a trackpad on the top-front side. This one can be used exactly like the trackpad on your laptop to slide through apps, select, and play games. In terms of design, the remote is absolutely gorgeous, feels great in your hand, and it’s wireless so you can use it in any direction you want.

To support the voice search module via Siri, the remote has a microphone and, to support motion control apps, there is a gyroscope and accelerometer in the remote. So, as you can see, the remote is actually the great new feature Apple brings to its TV Box and it’s absolutely fantastic!


The new TV box is equipped with the A8 chip from Apple and runs on 2GB of RAM. If you’re wondering how fast that is, you should know that the same chip is clocked at 1.4 GHz in iPhone 6 which runs on half of the RAM memory.

The box comes with two storage options: 32 GB and 64 GB. So, if you’re not trying to put together an entire movie collection, the 32 GB option is absolutely perfect for the regular Joe.

In terms of available ports, you will find one Ethernet port, one USB-C, and one HDMI connectors along with the port for the power cable. You should also know that the box relies entirely on audio via HDMI so if you’re still using optical audio cable, you’ll need an HDMI/optical cable splitter.


Apple’s TV Box in 2015 runs on tvOS which comes with a brand new interface and lots of features. The interface is friendly and visually appealing with lots of vivid colors. Still, the most appealing feature is the number of available apps. You have apps for iTunes movies (sadly there’s no other app for videos), photos, games, music, and online movie streaming.

Final Thoughts

  • Great new Siri remote
  • Voice search and commands
  • Great looking interface
  • A wide range of available apps
  • No 4K support
  • The box is a bit expensive for the features
  • No app for videos besides iTunes

In the end, we can only appreciate how far Apple TV (2015) has come. With a new remote and a new tvOS with plenty of apps, this is one of the best entertainment box units you could get right now. Even more, if you’re an Apple fan, you can integrate the rest of the devices in the fun.


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