Google Daydream View Review

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“Your door to another world at A very affordable price”

Google really outdid themselves by offering us the Daydream View at an extremely affordable price in comparison with other VR headsets on the market! After products like the Samsung Gear VR that only works with Samsung phones, and Cardboard VR, which is cheap, but not extremely high-quality, Daydream View comes like a fresh breeze.

The headset is light, easy to wear, and was created for the newly released Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Still, unlike Samsung’s headset gear, Daydream is poised to work with many other Android phones that will support the necessary connectivity. Even more, it’s not focused only on games, giving you access to apps like Google Street View where you can explore cities around the world while sitting at your desk.

Since the headset doesn’t support voice commands (yet), Google equipped the headset with a small remote that lets you point the direction you want to go to and write commands into a virtual keyboard.

The only problem right now would be the content library which is running a bit thin. Still, Google is working hard at adding new apps every day.

Design and Accessories

The initial Daydream model was designed with breathable fabric in a gray color. The models that followed can be found in white and red so we can say for sure that you will find this VR headset in 3 main colors.

Google chose to use fabric instead of plastic to make sure the user will be comfortable while wearing this for a long time. Still, you should know that light will peek in at certain points and this can hinder the experience. Also, the headset doesn’t support any cooling system for the phone that can overheat while using the dedicated app.

The design is simple and the fact that makes Daydream extremely interesting is the lack of need for cables, ports, and other power sources (like HTC Vive does, for instance). With Daydream View, the setup is simple and all you need is to calibrate the controller with the headset by pressing a button.

Finally, the strap that fixates the goggles on your head is a bit weird as it has to be worn on the top of your head (like a crown) and not like you would a pair of ski goggles. Even more, if the phone is big and heavy, you may feel a bit of a neck strain.

Important Features

Right now, the only phones that support the Daydream platform are Moto Z, Asus Zenfone, Huawei Mate 9 Pro, and ZTE Axon 7. We hope the platform will grow in time, but, as you can see, you need a brand new phone to use the goggles.

In terms of fit and security, all phones designed to work with Daydream will fit perfectly. Still, the experience is highly influenced by the screen resolution so you should be careful which phone you use.


All controls are placed on the small remote control that comes with each pair of goggles. The cute part is that the remote can be easily tucked in the headset so you won’t lose it around the house. It’s a nice feature that shows Google understands its customers.

The remote supports motion controls for games and pointing the direction when using Street View and connects with the glasses and phone via Bluetooth. The cool part is that you don’t have to configure anything!

Virtual Experience

If you remember, certain VR headsets were accused of making users sick. This doesn’t happen with Daydream View because the app only works with Daydream certified phones (see above). This way, everything is well calibrated and no one gets sick while in VR mode.

The general experience is good but we’re looking forward to more interesting content to see if Daydream will actually stay for a while.

Final Thoughts

  • Comfortable & easy to wear
  • Comes with a motion controller
  • Affordable
  • Cool design
  • Available content is quite slim
  • Only works with certified phones
  • May feel a bit front heavy

Daydream View is a new VR platform that offers us access at a rather affordable price. However, the phones that support it are quite expensive and this increases the amount you have to spend. Still, we loved using the headset and enjoyed the available content.


9.1 Total Score

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