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“The first place in the VR battle”

HTC Vive was released right after the Oculus Rift, which is another product that exist in the VR category. These two products have rapidly gained popularity and became well-known among the VR fans. While the Rift remains the ‘road opener’, the Vive provides you with the best VR experience you can have right now.

There are many similar products in the market, like the PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, or LG 360 VR which are also great, but the HTC Vive offers a few features that do not exist in it’s competitors. For example: the HTC Vive controllers are pretty awesone, as well as the natural movements which provide the user with an outstanding virtual reality experience. While the same can be said about Oculus Rift, it’s the small differences that count.

If you are still  about what makes Vive the best VR headset on the market and why you should think twice when choosing the headset you want for yourself.

Design & Accessories

The design is similar to most of the VR headsets, but HTC did implement some curves and patterns to make their headset easy to recognize and maybe a bit more elegant. The Vive feels a little bit heavier than other VR products, but this did not bothered us, especially after we discovered the amazing world behind the headset.

Just like with other VR headsets, the HTC Vive comes with 3 straps which help users fit the device just to their exact head size. Unfortunately, HTC didn’t invest too much R&D in this feature and adjusting the device’s position on your head may be something of a hassle. Still, this is only the first step and once it is done you can move on to the real fun.

Just like its competitors, the HTC Vive also has a bundle of cords coming out the rear side and connecting to your PC via an USB and an HDMI port. One of the best parts is that you get to use the headphones of your choice so the level of comfort can be completely maximized.

One minor thing that annoyed us is the fact that the wires from the base stations are quite short. So, since they have to be places in a high place, you might have to rearrange the furniture for an optimum experience.

HTC VIVE - Official Video

Developing the Future

Important features

The screen offered by Vive is a 2160×1200 OLED at a 90Hz refresh rate which is sometimes less than the competition, but the GPU is more powerful (either an NVIDIA GTX 970 or an AMD R9 390) and this compensates.

HTC Vive offers 110 degree field of view which is wider than any headsets offer, resulting in an immersive experience that somehow resembles the reality even more. Even more, the tracking area for the Vive is 15×15 feet, which gives users the possibility to actually move while in the game. However, the best part with Vive is the fact that it will always know what you’re doing with your hands – a definite improvement in comparison with Oculus Rift.


The controllers (there are 2 of them, one for each hand) are a lot more versatile and easy to hold than with the ones offered by the competition. For instance, the buttons are placed quite handy and there is a clickable touchpad for a more accurate interaction with the game.

The movement in game is a lot more natural due to these controllers and this is one of the main features that bumped Vive on the first place.

Virtual experience

The performance is flawless as you won’t see any tears in movement or action. This and the fact that the movement is very natural will offer one of the most immersive experiences in the VR world.

The content library is quite rich in games that vary from family games to crazy adventures that will make you cringe every time you need to take a step.

Regarding motion sickness, Vive is a bit easier to digest than other VR headsets, but some of you may still experience some dissociation feelings when you first put on the device. This is normal and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the device. It’s our brain adjusting to a new world where everything is virtual.

Final thoughts

  • Great controllers
  • Great content library
  • An amazing VR experience
  • Heavier than most devices on the market
  • Requires a powerful GPU

The HTC Vive is the best VR headset on the market right now and the level of technology is indeed top of the art. We loved the controllers and the fact that the movement feels a lot more natural. Also, Vive is a versatile device which will accept content created for other headsets too.

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