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“Try the maximum VR experience on console”

The new VR system prepared for PS4 promises to offer the best experience possible on a console. We should be prepared to accept and believe this, considering the fact that critics already placed the PlayStation VR in the same category of quality with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Also, if we think that this VR system is actually powered by a game console and not a gaming PC, we have to appreciate its features even more.

The main advantage, besides the high-tech in the device, is the fact that many console gaming fans already have the PS4 in their homes. This means that all they’ll need is the PS VR system and that’s it. With VR headsets that work with a PC you are also forced to improve your system to get to the required power.

But now, let’s see what PlayStation VR is actually offering us.

Design & Accessories

This headset comes with an interesting design that looks a lot more futuristic than any of its competitors. The chassis implements nice, long curves that give the entire concept a sleek build that any gamer would want to have.

One great aspect is the fact that you can fit the gear to your head’s unique size and shape extremely easy. You just put them on and press one of the 2 available buttons until the gear feels great on your head. This is something that can’t be said about the HTC Vive for instance – their fitting system is quite difficult.

Also, with PlayStation VR you can wear your glasses during games without encountering any fitting issues.

When it comes to accessories, VRPS needs a camera mounted on the PlayStation ground base in order to track the movement of the controllers. Please keep in mind that these are not delivered with the kit and you will have to purchase them separately.

Important features

The headset is connected to the PlayStation with a power cable and an HDMI cable that delivers the visual experience. The audio experience is ensured by a separate pair of headphones.

The performance is indeed incredible as you will be immersed in every game you play and you’ll have the chance to enjoy great graphics that create an amazing experience. All this is to be appreciated, considering the fact that PSVR does all these with just the PlayStation 4 console and a processing box (that small black box that needs to be between the console and the PSVR. Other VR headsets do this by making you buy expensive video cards.

Sadly, it looks like PSVR didn’t manage to pass the nausea test that well as some users are more sensitive than others. This may be a big problem and Sony must make sure to fix it as soon as possible.


Controllers are actually the main downside with PSVR. These seem to be completely out of date as the technology used fits the Wii better than the age of VR. First of all, the controls’ response is not accurate and the tracking process is not at all efficient.

In most games where you have to fight back and the result is based on your speed of reaction, these controls will be extremely frustrating as the camera doesn’t track the speed accurately. It just calculates an average, leaving you open in front of danger. This is not something you want to happen in a one-on-one battle.

Virtual experience

Before you start playing with PSVR, you have to keep in mind that this system has less horse power than the best models on the market. Thus, if you’ve played with Oculus Rift first you will notice a slight lowering in quality with PSVR. However, this doesn’t affect the performance and it doesn’t create any hiccups in the gameplay experience. There are a few pixels that may seem out of place and of course, the distance objects seem blurred, but everything close by is well-displayed.

The content library is quite wide as there are many games on the PS4 console that can be played in VR.

Final thoughts

  • Great design
  • Great fit and comfortable
  • Great content library
  • It is not delivered with accessories
  • It can cause nausea due to motion sickness

PSVR does take a step forward in the VR world, allowing even gamers with tighter budgets to include this experience in their lives. It can’t be considered cheap, but if you already have a PS4, the step to PSVR can be done easily.

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