LG WM3050CW Review

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“A great washer with a fantastic price-to-performance ratio”

The LG WM3050CW is a front loader washing machine with a considerable capacity and great cleaning performance that comes at a pretty great price. Promoting a stainless steel drum and a capacity of 4.0 cubic feet, this is the ideal washer for both families with children and couples that live alone.

The LG WM3050CW comes with a series of extremely interesting features among which we mention the ColdWash Technology and the Direct Drive Motor that implements a 10 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty.

The listing price for such a great washer is $800, but the total amount varies from store to store.

Type & Size

The LG WM3050CW is a front loader. For those of you who don’t love this type of washer (usually the door gasket gets smelly if the door is kept shut) but need the extra features and enlarged capacity, LG created a simple system using a magnetic plunger that will keep the door ajar but out of the way.

The physical dimensions are: 29 x 27 x 38 inches (Depth x Width x Height) and the washer can be easily stacked, especially if you buy the matching dryer.


The design is quite standard, following the classical pattern: white painting on the outside, stainless steel drum (NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum) on the inside and a round door.

The panel is situated on top of the front side and looks a bit more modern than the rest of the washer. It does respect the classical three areas so, on the left side is the loading area for detergent and fabric softener, in the middle the controls, and in the right the display with another series of buttons and options. Due to these features, and a few curved lines, the washer does look a bit more modern, but it doesn’t compare with its cousin, the LG WM8000HWA.


The features that matter the most for a user who is looking for both efficiency and great performance are:

  • More laundry in fewer loads thanks to the increased capacity. This also means less water consumption and energy.
  • ColdWash Technology that allows the fine fabrics to be cleaned using cold water and drum motions specially created for this technology. This also helps you save money on hot water and save your time as you won’t be forced to wash by hand at all.
  • 6Motion technology – the LG WM3050CW is not just a regular washer that turns the drum from left to right and reverse. This washer implements a series of 6 different drum motions for each cycle that lead to an increased cleaning performance.
  • TrueBalance anti-vibration system – LG knows you shouldn’t feel the house shaking when the washer is on, which is why they developed this system. Sadly, some users still complain the washer is noisy and vibrates pretty badly during spinning cycles. This is an aspect they still have to work on.

To make sure all users’ needs are met, the LG WM3050CW is implemented with 7 washing programs, 9 different options for each cycle, 5 different temperature options for wash and rinse, 5 spin speeds (including No Spin), and 5 different soil levels. The level of water is adjusted automatically according to each load size.

Capacity & Engine

The enlarged capacity (4 cubic feet) allows for a better load distribution when the user needs to do more than one load.

The engine is powered by a Direct Drive Motor that runs at variable speed according to necessities on a horizontal axis (maximum speed is 1200rpm). The washer must be plugged in at 120V with 10 Amps in order to function properly.

Ease of Use

The control panel needs a bit of a learning curve as there are so many options to choose. The number of cycles is definitely smaller than on the LG WM8000HWA, but still, the user must choose the cycle, the speed, the type of spin, the temperature and the soil level.

Energy Efficiency

The LG WM3050CW is Energy Star qualified and it will make a difference in users’ water and energy bill. LG implemented a special system that allows the machine to use exactly the level of water it needs without any losses on the way.

Final Thoughts

  • Energy efficient
  • Bigger capacity that regular washers
  • Multiple features and options
  • Great cleaning performance
  • Can be noisy and vibrated during spinning
  • It is a front loader

The LG WM3050CW is a powerful machine that does the job it is supposed to do. Sadly, it isn’t as quiet as we might have expected, but the performance-price ratio is very good. The machine does an excellent job with bigger loads and saves users money on utility bills.

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Type & Size
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