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“A front load washer with A sleek design & great features”

Samsung has always taken care of their products’ design regardless of their type and use. The same care for a futuristic design, with curved lines and an unusual shape can be observed with the new Samsung WF42H5000AW washer. Besides keeping the white color and the standard distribution of the front panel, Samsung tried to make this washer look like an innovation. But is it, really?

While it may not be a front loader to tell your friends about over a coffee, it is a decent washer, efficient when it comes to cleaning performance and great when it comes to energy efficiency and overall reliability. Even more, it’s a budget friendly washer, meaning that you will receive high quality and performance for just about $800. This is definitely a huge difference when compared with the LG WM8000HWA. Of course, the features are different, but if you need a washer that does its job and still looks good while doing it, the Samsung WF42H5000AW is perfect.

Type & Size

The Samsung WF42H5000AW is a front load washer, meaning that it won’t need an agitator to move the clothes around the drum. With this model, the textiles inside are moved around simply by the drum’s movement.

The physical dimensions are extremely important for a user who considers buying a new washer, and we recommend making sure the product actually fits though the doors and in the place you want it to be. For the Samsung WF42H5000AW, the physical dimensions are: 38.7 x 27 x 33 inches (Height x Width x Depth).


The Samsung WF42H5000AW is quite attractive and can be easily adapted to a kitchen or a bathroom with elegant furniture. The smooth curves and the well distributed control panel manage to create a beautiful washer.

The control panel is divided in 3 areas: the area with the dispenser trays (3 of them), the area with the programs and the LED display that shows useful information while the washer is in use. The display area is quite big; actually it is safe to say that besides the Electrolux EIFLS20QSW, this is the washer with one of the biggest areas for the display.


Samsung implemented a series of very interesting features in this model, fact that makes it quite different from the rest on the market. Here are the ones that impressed us the most:

  • The slightly larger capacity has a direct impact on the time a user spends handling the washer and the clothes. The Samsung WF42H5000AW is quite generous and allows users to save time and money by simply implementing a bigger drum.
  • VRT Technology – a system that is proprietary to Samsung and allows the washer to be very quiet and create fewer vibrations. According to the producer, users can do laundry upstairs while the children are sleeping.
  • Self Clean+ – a technology that helps in keeping the drum clean at all times by removing any bacteria or dirt. This system will remind the user to clean the tub and sanitize the gasket when it’s necessary. This helps in removing the bad smells that take birth with a front loader.
  • Diamond Drum – This washer will treat your clothes gently because of its diamond interior, so fine blouses or skirts can be washed without problems.

Capacity & Engine

The Samsung WF42H5000AW has a capacity of 4.2 cubic feet, meaning that 2.8 laundry baskets will fit in one single round.

The engine is powerful and silent, but it is quite greedy as it consumes about 0.24 kWh per load, which is more than a regular washer would consume in average.

Ease of Use

The control panel is extremely simple and easy to understand as Samsung wanted users focused on performance more than on finding various options on the panel. The washer offers 8 different wash cycles that can be selected using a dial, 9 options, 4 spin settings, 4 temperature settings, and 3 soil level settings.

Energy Efficiency

The Samsung WF42H5000AW is Energy Star Certified, but it does consume a bit more than a compact washer due to its enlarged capacity. A user would spend about $0.13 per each load, considering water, energy, detergent and fabric softener.

Final Thoughts

  • Great design
  • Self-Cleaning technology
  • Diamond drum
  • Almost silent
  • Eats a bit more energy than an average washer

The Samsung WF42H5000AW is a washer that not only does a great job and provides a good cleaning performance, it also looks fancy. This model from Samsung manages to actually be elegant while doing a time and money demanding house chore.

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