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fatcow-logoThe company was founded in 1998 and the entire company believes in simplicity and tradition. Even more, they are customer oriented and try to deliver the best value to each client they have. They focus their efforts in delivering services that are easy to use and understand, fact that can be a bit difficult in the industry of web hosting.

Just like some of their competitors (GreenGeeks and iPower) FatCow Company is eco-friendly using wind generated energy for their online activities. Also, they manage to offer very good quality of service and connectivity speed at one of the lowest rates on the market. This and the fact that they are indeed reliable and offer great support, puts them in front of many users’ list.

Hosting Plans & Features

The FatCow team doesn’t believe in traditional plans and service packages, but they had to divide their services somehow in order to fulfill their possible customers’ needs. This way, they came up with two main solutions:

  • one for small businesses called the “The Original FatCow Plan” that has everything a beginner needs to put together and promote an online business;
  • one for those who just want to get the feel on how it’s like to be online called the “MiniMoo” plan. This only includes a domain name and an email address.

Unlike one of their main competitors, GreenGeeks, which risked offering 99.9% uptime guarantees, the FatCow Company doesn’t include this in their offers. Still, after several users’ tests it has been proven that their uptimes are just as good. However, they offer the 30 days Money Back Guarantee policy. Just make sure to read their Terms and Services carefully because they will charge you for any domain names you want to keep if you decide to ask for a refund during the first 30 days.

The features that recommend the FatCow services as being one of the best web hosting providers for small to medium-sized companies, are as follows:

  • Oodles of space and bandwidth;
  • 1 domain name that is free for the first year;
  • Site building tools;
  • Unlimited domains and emails per account;
  • E-commerce features with shopping cart integrated;
  • Analytics tools that give detailed reports on your site’s behavior;
  • Marketing tools and initial credit for starting your advertising campaign on Google and Yahoo!;
  • Access to various platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and phpBB;
  • Free Daily Server Backups (a feature that many competitors don’t include for free).
Features The Original FatCow Plan
Cost per year* $49
Setup Fees
Disk Space Oodles
Bandwidth Oodles
Domains Per Account Unlimited
Emails per account Unlimited
Easy Website Builder Yes
Selling Online possibilities Yes
Marketing Tools $100 worth of credit on Google AdWords and Yahoo or Bing
More Information Read More
*This is the promotional price and the submission renewal will be done at the correct price

The basic plan can always be developed if the user needs more advanced tools and features. Of course, this means that an extra charge will be added for every change (just like with the iPage accounts).

The FatCow Company also offers separate and complete services for WordPress Blogs, VPS, and Dedicated Servers. Also, for an extra charge of $9.99 per year, FatCow guarantees you domain privacy to prevent personal data and information theft.

Bandwidth & Disk Space

According to their own statement, the basic account offers oodles of bandwidth and disk space, but this doesn’t specify exactly how much it means. However, they do specify in their Terms and Conditions that “oodles” is equal with unlimited within reasonable usage.

Reliability & Support

The support is easy to reach using a wide variety of channels like email, live chat, web forms, and phone. There is also a comprehensive knowledge database and a user guide where you can find a lot of useful information about how to use the available tools.

Ease of Use

Both the site builder and the analytics platform are easy to understand and use, showing users valuable information about campaigns and site’s position in search engines.

Final Thoughts

  • Great site builder tools
  • Amazing start in online marketing with AdWords and Yahoo/Bing credits
  • Access to the most popular web platforms of the moment
  • Fast servers
  • All the FatCow servers run on Linux
  • Adding features makes the submission more expensive
  • Only for small businesses or personal pages

FatCow is definitely a company that treats things differently in the world of web hosting, but the service is still the same. They are a pleasure to work with and, as long as your company or web page is small, you could use this great service for as long as you need.

9.5 Total Score

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